Good To Know

When you visit us for a teeth whitening consultation, we will take impressions of your teeth so our dental laboratory team can build your whitening trays.

At the next appointment, we will show you how to fill the trays and advise how long and when you should be carrying out your whitening treatment. Once all is clear, you will be on your way to start your whitening journey!

For best results

  • During the treatment period avoid staining foods and drinks like red wine, coffee and turmeric
  • Consistent application of the gel during the treatment period is required
  • Simply order more gel for maintenance of your bright smile


Frequently Asked Questions

Is teeth whitening bad for your teeth?

No! Professional teeth whitening involves the use of a gel which will break down dark pigment molecules in your teeth to make them lighter. Non-professional solutions and remedies can be harmful though.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Depending on your habits the results can last for years. We provide you with a system where you can top-up the results at home very easily. As long as you keep the trays, you will just need to buy a top up of gel.

Does teeth whitening make my teeth sensitive?

Teeth whitening can temporarily make your teeth a little more sensitive to cold stimulus. This sensitivity will go away when you stop the whitening.


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    Cosmetic Treatments 

    Inlays & Onlays

    Inlays & Onlays

    Inlays and onlays are teeth restorations that are used to strengthen teeth that have been partially damaged,


    Veneers are custom-made thin coverings of porcelain made to fit over the outer surface of your front teeth to improve their colour, shape and position

    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth Whitening

    Professional teeth whitening is an easy, safe and comfortable process to brighten up your smile

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    Composite Bonding

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