These fees are purely indicative.  Every treatment has its own challenges and as we aim to provide a bespoke service, fees may change accordingly.  You will be provided with an itemised treatment plan with detailed costings prior to the commencement of any treatment.

Please see a list of common items below.

General Dentistry Fees

First examination, charting, consultation- inc two small radiographs  (adults)        


Regular ‘check-up’ examination, consultation    (adults)


First examination or ‘check-up’                         (under 16)


Small x-ray scan and diagnosis 


Panoramic x-ray scan and diagnosis


Scaling, polishing, plaque control instruction

demonstration and advice by Hygienist  (45 minutes)    


Preventive fissure sealant(s)                  - (dependent on number and time)

from £45 (each)

Silver alloy amalgam filling(s)              - (dependent on number and time

from £160

Tooth-coloured bonded filling(s)           - (dependent on number and time)        

from £180

Root canal therapy

from £400


from £180

Sedation  (inhalation)

from £80

Sedation  (intravenous)

from £450

Treatment Involving Laboratory Fees

Crown - cast metal

from £950

Crown - all-ceramic

from £890

Crown - porcelain bonded to metal

from £890

Porcelain veneer or inlay

from £900

Bridge - cast metal, porcelain bonded to metal

or all-ceramic (per unit)

from £750

Partial denture  -  acrylic

from £450

Partial denture - with cast metal framework

from £990

Full denture - acrylic

from £890

Full denture - with cast metal base

from £1100

Sports mouthguard - custom-made, including case

from £110

If cast metal includes gold, this is charged net as invoiced to us (usually less than £50.00 per

crown or bridge unit).

Dental Implant Treatment Fees

Implant Consultation


Single dental implant                                           

Including connector & crown                      

from £2880

Implant bridge (three crowns on two implants) 

from £6600

Full arch fixed implant  bridge                             

from £15950  (per arch)


  • As charges are based on a time and materials basis, the figures are given as a guide only.
  • Costs may vary (up or down) according to time required and materials used.
  •  Payment may be made by cash, debit or MasterCard or Visa credit cards.
  • There are no additional discounts for cash.
  •  Accounts and/or balances due are payable at each appointment. Please note that accounts not paid
  • within 30 days from the first date of invoice are subject to a monthly surcharge of 5% on any balance outstanding.
  • A charge may be made for completion of claim forms and for supplying duplicate receipts.


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